In honor of my pre-order campaign going live today, I decided to post a little reflection about the process.

When I started this writing a year ago I never imagined that I would be sitting where I sit now, a year older and a few months away from being a published author. It took so many sleepless nights in the famous Lauinger Library. Tons of coffee and energy drinks, but in the end, it was all worth it. This is one of the most accomplishing feelings in the world, I’m glad that I decided to take on this task.

I think back to when I was considering taking the “Book Writing” class at Georgetown. I knew it would be a lot of work and only in my second semester here, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. But I feel like that was the type of person who I grew into, someone who jumps at into most opportunities headfirst and hoping that I fly. And right now I feeling like I’m flying right up on cloud 9 living out a dream that I didn’t even know I wanted to live.

Throughout this entire ordeal, I’ve gotten the opportunity to interview and research some really cool people. I’ve learned so much about the topic of pivoting and so much about myself.

I wrote this book to inspire people into their own pivot and then to help them navigate through it. My goal is to reach and help as many people as possible, but if I could help even one person I would feel like I achieved my goal.


The pre-sale campaign will fund the costs to publish my book. I need to sell 100 copies of my book in the next 30 days.

—> When I pre-sell 100 copies, I publish

—> When I pre-sell 150 copies, I ALSO publish my audiobook (Sept 2019)

—> When I pre-sell 200 copies, I ALSO publish my hardcover (Sept 2019)

I’d love for you to buy a copy or share the good news with others. Simply go to this link and you can pre-order a copy of my book there.

For the pre-sale campaign, my publisher created a video to share my story. I hope you enjoy!

Please share with family and friends, or anyone really #ArtofthePivot

Thank you all for your continued support.