The Art of the Pivot

Are you looking for a change in your life or in your career? If so, you may be ready to Pivot.


We spend at least one-third of our days at work. The Conference Board reports that 53 percent of Americans are currently unhappy at work. When we aren’t happy in our careers, other areas of our lives suffer.

The Art of the Pivot is intended for anyone wanting to make a change. Through his own experiences and the experiences of others shared in the book, Mr. Payne has mapped out some select PIVOT points to help you successfully navigate a major career transition.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • Reasons why people pivot in their careers
  • Steps to navigating a successful pivot
  • How society’s biased beliefs do not determine your success

From rapper to movie star, athlete to entrepreneur, VP-HR at a law firm to hot dog handler, no matter what pivot you are considering, The Art of the Pivot can help you get there successfully.


Early Praise!!!

The Art of the Pivot speaks to anyone who has found themselves at a roadblock in their life. Derron Payne uses his own experiences to guide an audience through life’s obstacles into a life of fulfillment.

Maggie King

Author, Pregame

Sometimes you have to focus on a bunch of hopes, dreams, and goals, only to have them change in an instant. “The Art of The Pivot” is your guide to navigating those moments, to seeing change as a tool instead of an obstacle.

Cira Mancuso

Author, SKIN

If you’re looking for a change in your life, a how-to on capitalizing on your biggest dreams, or just how to move your life in the right direction, then you’re at the right place. “The Art of The Pivot” will help guide you towards your greatest passion.

Alex Heidenreich

Author, Innovating Fast Food

The Art of the Pivot explores the importance of pivoting in all aspects of life. Derron Payne’s book is an amalgamation of his experiences and various other stories, illustrating when and how to Pivot in an effort to find new avenues of success.

William Lowrie

Author, Mindful Management

It’s not easy to transfer from a community college to Georgetown University after one’s freshman year. As a professor/mentor to many first-generation college students over the past 13 years, I know it can be a difficult pivot. This is what Derron Payne faced when he transferred to Georgetown from Rockland CC two years ago. Although it was a difficult challenge, Derron faced this challenge head-on and made an important pivot in his life. I’m extremely proud to see his growth over the past couple of years …. he’s now one of the more popular students on campus and will be graduating next year. His life story is inspiring. I strongly recommend others facing similar life situations to read this outstanding book and to learn how to make a pivot in life.

Jimmy Lynn

Co-founder, Kiswe Mobile Inc.

The Art of the Pivot is a must-read for anyone going through a pivot in their life – business-related or otherwise. Payne combines his inspirational story with deep insights makes this book actionable for people at any phase in life. As an entrepreneur who has pivoted majors, careers, and startups, I would have greatly benefited from reading this book! This book will be on my shelf right next to the Lean Startup.

Reilly Davis

Co-founder, PeopleGrove

The American Dream is about pivoting. Taking the cards you’re dealt and making something out of it. If you can pivot successfully, you can succeed anywhere in the world.

Samy Kobrosly

Co-founder, Snacklins